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Net Nanny is an application to control and monitor how anyone uses the Internet on a particular computer.

Logically its main function is to keep you informed on your children's online activity. Just as it's not advisable to let little kids walk down the street by themselves, it's also not a good idea to let them browse the Internet without any restrictions.

This program thus lets you view their browsing history, and also block certain content and websites or even block social networks and chat sites. Net Nanny's options take everything into account.

The best part is that the program's intuitive and user-friendly interface lets you access the application's many options in just a click.

Net Nanny is a very useful application that should be used properly. Monitoring your kids' online activity is one thing, and spying is another.

Requires registration on the developer's website.


Functional during a 14-day trail.

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